Brian and Genesa had their destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas at Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Their friends and family flew from all over the country to be there to witness the best. day. ever! Let me start by saying this post is a long one, but it is worth it! When Genesa asked me to be her wedding photographer I was a whole lot of humbled, so excited and wee-bit more than normal nervous. She is a wedding photographer here in Seattle as well, so naturally, I wanted to make sure everything was spot. on! Gen and Brian, you guys are like family to me, I adore you both, love love love your kiddos and felt like I bonded with your family! The trip was amazing, the wedding was absolutely breathtaking and the photos-lets just say I totally sobbed while preparing this blog posting!

Here are my fav things about the wedding:

1. I flew out one of my very best friends and absolutely over-the-top amazing portrait photographers, Amanda Bailey Photography, from Texas to second shoot with me!

2. Genesa upgraded us the most insanely beautiful suite at Hacienda Encantada (check the blog again soon, Ill be posting more about the trip & the room!)

3. I gifted Gen and Brian a polaroid to document the trip, and another for Amanda Bailey aka Bailey as a thank you, and had to get one for myself, well, just because. So, there were three photographers on this trip, 3 polaroids, and a whole lot of amazing memories captured on film!

4. There were 3 Amandas on the trip. So, I was Lloyd (and still am, I suppose it stuck!), Bailey and Genesas sister got called Amanda!

5. They made the hashtag booszico for instagram and it was epic!

6. Anything and everything about the trip was about friends, family, love and bonding. It was seriously perfect. And went by way too fast.

7. We hung the wedding dress in a surprise shot from the balcony of our hotel room, and I walked out and shot the dress several hundred yards away, across from the pool!

8. They had a Mariachi band, and they were SO good! I found myself moving and shaking and dancing and snapping photos all at the same time

9. Gen had a something blue heart sewn into her dress, and a very special locket attached to her bouquet.

10. Their officiant finished her ordination JUST for the wedding. Pretty awesome!

11. The workers at the hotel were absolutely hilarious. When Bailey and I left, they all wanted to take pictures of us, and asked us to tag them on Facebook!

12. The wifi was down, and we lived! Then, On the 3 hour delay in San Francisco, I happened to sit by another bride-to-be, who saw me editing these images, and the wedding chat continued!

Genesa, Brian and your families: Thank you for an amazing experience! I adore you all like family! Here are my favorite images of the day!