As I work through the busy wedding season things cross my mind at every wedding where I think I should remind next weekends bride of this or, Oh, I wish I would have reminded them of that! So, I came up with 20 things (at least, for now-I could add more later and update the list!) from a Wedding Photographers perspective that could prove to be beneficial to you (and your photos) come wedding day.
Brides, no worries, we know that you have a gazillion things to worry about and remembering some of these things doesnt necessarily come naturally to the top of the I need to remember this for my wedding day list, so, I put it together below! Think of it as a let me help my photographer out check list! Some of these things have proven to help with photos, help with story telling, and help things run smooth!
1. Make a wedding day timeline and dont be afraid to ask your photographer for help! Weve seen wedding days start a hour late, and to the minute on time, and we can help with this, so please please dont be afraid to ask! Also, share this timeline with your DJ, florist, bridal party and family, to ensure they all get it.
When youre putting together your makeup bag, shoes etc. for the location youre getting ready, make sure to grab all the story telling aspects and have those where youre getting ready.

When your photographer arrives, its awesome when all these things are in one place. Plus, it makes the photo taking of these details go faster, and allots more time for say, candid shots of getting ready! Things that I personally love to have where the bride is getting ready include: Dress, shoes, flowers (see tip #3 for this), perfume (if youre wearing any), garter, gift exchange (if youre doing one), a copy of your invitation, any specific items youre wearing (something borrowed, a grandmother/mothers ring, broach, hanker-chief etc.), you AND the grooms wedding rings + your engagement ring, veil, all jewelry youll be wearing and anything else youd like to include). Side note- bring a satin, wooden or special hanger for your wedding dress to hang on! (It looks prettier in photos)